In August, Dara Khosrowshahi left his job as CEO of Expedia to take over Uber.
今年8月份,Dara Khosrowshahi从Expedia离职,继而接任Uber的新一任首席执行官。

There are a few things he does to maximize effectiveness as a leader.

These include: avoiding distractions, taking risks that matter, and finding ways to simplify.

New Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has a big job at hand: Rehabilitate the ride-hailing company's battered image and keep ridership growing at a rate that will support its $68 billion valuation.
新任Uber首席执行官Dara Khosrowshahi当前有一项重要的工作:重建这家打车公司遭受重创的形象,促进载客流量增长至足以支撑其680亿美元的资产总值。

Here's how Khosrowshahi, who left his job as CEO of Expedia in August to take over Uber, maximizes his effectiveness.

1. Avoid distractions
1. 远离干扰

"When I was in my 20s, I learned not only how to work hard, but about the importance of focus," Khosrowshahi reflected in an interview with Entrepreneur. "Early on, I learned the importance of being acutely focused on my goals — and the importance of fostering a culture that avoids unnecessary restrictions."
“在我20多岁的时候,我不仅学会了如何努力工作,也领悟到了专注的重要性。” 这是Khosrowshahi在一次与《企业家》杂志的采访时的回应。“在早期,我领悟了高度专注于目标的重要性——以及营造一种远离不必要限制的公司文化的重要性。”

2. Take the risks that matter
2. 敢于冒险

Khosrowshahi told travel industry site Skift how he approaches high-impact decision-making: "90% of the time you're going to make the decision that everyone else is going to make because usually 90% of decisions are fairly obvious. But 10% of the time you're going to make a different decision and the key is what is that 10%." He added, "You want to be different as a company, you want edge, you want an angle that separates you from the crowd. Be careful what those choices are, but you've got to have an edge to be different." Otherwise you resign yourself to mediocrity.

3. Look for life's cheat codes
3. 找到生活的捷径

At an event hosted by The Beat, Khosrowshahi said, "The best engineers are cheaters. What they do is figure out how to cheat so that instead of building this thing that's going to take a year, I can drive a shortcut that will allow me to build it in two weeks or a month." That allows fast-paced innovation, which leads to serving customers better.

4. Bend instead of breaking
4. 灵活应变而不是中断前进

"Learning to cope with endless demands on your time — at a young age — will both position and prepare you for advancement and growth," Khosrowshahi explained to Entrepreneur. "As you move up, business problems become nonlinear and systems less predictable. A uniform approach just won't cut it so you have to approach problems differently, with flexibility."

"If I could give my 30-year-old self one piece of advice, without a doubt it would be that it's OK to fail," he added. "If you're constrained by fear of failure, you won't be able to give yourself the freedom to adjust your approach."

5. Follow the K.I.S.S. rule ('keep it simple, stupid')
5. 遵循K.I.S.S.法则(让事情变得单调)

"The ability to simplify is an underrated skill," Khosrowshahi said, according to Bloomberg. That's simple enough advice to follow.