One of the most common reasons employees leave their jobs is to get away from bad managers.

Great bosses — those that command trust and treat employees with respect — all have similar characteristics.

Some of these characteristics are: clearly communicating expectations, providing timely employee recognition, and showing empathy for individual problems.


6. Is an active listener, and provides immediate feedback
6. 好老板都是积极的倾听者,并给予及时的反馈

Listening to what is said, as well as what is not said, is of the utmost importance. It is demoralizing to an employee to be speaking to a supervisor who is interrupted for a phone call.

Good managers plan for feedback sessions, and pick a venue that is conducive to discussion and adequate time.

7. Stays cool and calm in tough business situations
7. 在公司业务艰难时期保持冷静和镇定

A great manager is an effective communicator and a composed individual, with a proven tolerance for ambiguity.

He or she never loses their cool, keeps their ego in check, and is able to correct team members without emotional body language or statements. They don't always have to be right.

8. Shows empathy for individual problems and challenges
8. 对他人的状况与挑战表达同情

This refers to the ability to "walk in another person's shoes", and to have insight into the thoughts, and the emotional reactions of individuals faced with change or the need to change.

Empathy is suspending judgment of another's actions or reactions, while treating them with sensitivity.

9. Provides a role model for honesty, integrity, and humility
9. 充当真诚待人,言行一致,谦虚谨慎的角色榜样

Today's managers live in glass houses. Everything a manager does is seen by employees.

If a manager says one thing and does another, employees broadcast it. You must be straightforward in all words and actions, including admitting weaknesses and mistakes.

10. Always displays a positive sense of humor
10. 永远保持幽默感

People of all demographics respond to humor, and respect managers who can find humor even in tough business and personal situations.

The majority of people are able to be amused at something funny, and see an irony. One of the most frequently cited attractions to a manager is their sense of humor.

Since most of these traits must seem intuitively obvious, it's hard for me to understand why so many managers and employees miss on expectations. Perhaps it's time for employees and team members to adopt and display these traits too, especially empathy for the challenges your manager is facing. Only then can it be a win-win relationship for both parties.